Who remembers watching Jack Hanna on television, I can remember sitting there and being glued to the television. We are big animal lovers and for me when he would bring out the animals,it was always a learning adventure and also so funny. The best is when he would be on Letterman and bring the animals out. He would be so scared and it would be so funny.

Jack Hanna started working with animals when he was 11, and he loved them ever since. Today he's the Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and the host of two TV shows about animals: Into the Wild and Wild Countdown. Animals are fascinating, and every critter—from the aardvark to the zebra—makes him want to learn more. Why do elephants have such big ears? Why don’t fish sink? Why do kangaroos need pouches? The answers are as weird, wacky and wonderful as the animals themselves. So he is here to share all and more with us in this book.

We are a family that loves going to Zoos and aquariums. Being able to see and touch different animals makes my nephew so excited, and the best is he loves sharks and anytime we can take him to see them its a great thing. There are always questions when we are with the little ones, like where do these come from and why are they like that. Sometimes there are some pieces of information that you can find, but even I have questions.

Like why do Jelly fish sting, Jellyfish sting to catch prey and protect themselves. Like snakes, jellyfish are venomous and will throw out a tentacle if they feel threatened. They have tiny cells on their flowy limbs that paralyze victims, making meals and escapes pretty easy.


Imagine being part of the zoo and loving and caring for all these animals. When I was younger I wanted to be a vet and the reason is I love all animals.

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