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I, like most American’s, enjoy snacking. Snacking on the go that is convenient to eat and taste delicious. Perhaps, something that will provide nutrition too. Snacks for breakfast, for us on the go people who need to fill our tummies and get to the next location on time. Something fully cooked and can be eaten right out of the package. For me and my kids, we love protein. Meats more specifically. And we are thrilled that there are such things as Jack Link’s AM. AM as in breakfast food! Jack Link’s actually has a line of Jerky where they offer breakfast bacon and breakfast sausage! And who doesn’t love Jerky? Yes, finally a breakfast line that is quick to get to, easy and mess free to eat, and provides sustenance.


What I love about Jack Link’s is that the flavors are above and beyond compared to other Jerky food. My kids love Jack Link’s so much and I am happy that they get the nutrition they need from eating Jack Link’s AM. It’s protein and we need protein! What is protein? It is a building block nutrient that makes up your body. We get it from meats like Jack Link’s Jerky. It helps build and repair tissue. It gives us energy for activities.  Our bodies break down the protein we eat and turns it into amino acids. Once we have amino acids, our bodies can build tissue and immune cells, which helps us fight off sickness and maintain great health.

Great Flavors

All the flavors are delicious, but one of our top choices are the Breakfast Bacon Brown Sugar and Maple. It is one-hundred percent real bacon, so its made with cured pork. It totally smells like breakfast with that maple scent aroma. The flavor is top-notch. Another bacon flavor that we love with Jack Link’s is the Applewood Smoked. It is very tender and has a nice smoky flavor to it. It is also cured pork, and has salt, sugar, and even celery juice flavorings. Now if you are like my husband, he loves spicy food! Jack Link’s has Breakfast Sausage made with Applesauce Hot and Spicy. It is a spicy, savory and juicy sausage that makes for a hearty snack. It is pork but it has a beef collagen casing. Now if you still love the breakfast sausage but don’t like spicy food, there is the Breakfast Sausage made with Applesauce Original flavor. It is just delicious portable sausage. The beauty of these jerkies is that you can make them warm, by removing them from the bag, and heating them in the microwave for ten seconds.

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