I love beauty products as I feel it helps me feel more confidant in myself. I love feeling and looking like a fresh person. So I rely on reputable companies who have a long history of good reviews to help me make a choice. Coming across Jafra, I knew I had to try it for myself.

Feel the Luxury

Jafra is amazing at all the beauty products they offer. There are items for acne treatments, to cosmetics and scents. All pretty luxurious and high quality. Each season they come out with beautiful products that are rated highly.


One of the Jafra products I am in love with is from their cosmetics collection. The Galaxia Eyeshadow Paletteis a vibrant palette of rich colors that cover reds, blues, yellows, silver and purples. Just a little eyeshadow powder and it carries a long way. The name stands true to the product as the makeup makes me feel like I can be in a galaxy runway with the pop of color on my eye lids. I love it.

Costing just twenty-six dollars compared to other luxury brands, I feel is a fair price! Have you ever looked at the solar system and seen all the bright vivid colors displayed in literature and pictures? That’s what this palette embodies. The case is sturdy with a good sized mirror so it’s great to carry in luggages and fits in your purse when traveling.


Now let’s talk about some fun scents! Jafra has perfumes and colognes fit to suit almost every personality. There are wood, floral, citrus and spice tones. The one I have is the Orchid Blossom. It smells so wonderful with hypnotic scents of the wild, orchids and fruits. It’s perfect for women who have somewhere dressy to go. I love the beauty of the bottle, dark like a plum and round to fit perfect in a palm on the hand.

You can learn more about it at Jafra | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest | Twitter


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