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My children love to read. I feel that reading is so important to young children, because it is the precursor for them to seek knowledge and further their education. It doesn’t have to be formal education, just education in general. Learning from books, exposes them to stories, thoughts, and engages their thinking, and hopefully their empathy for others. Jambo is suck an amazing book club, because each month, they will send your child two engaging books with special life changing stories.

Jambo focuses on stories with the main character as a child of color. The story engages the reader with creativity, allowing young minds to soar and be able to reflect on life. Life is full of wonder and diversity, and to keep contained in their own social circle is a disservice to them, but through books, they open their minds to other cultures, and beliefs.

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Jambo’s “Listen, Slowly” by Thanhha Lai is a heartfelt story about Vietnam. The struggles of the past, and the way it is today. It talks about the people who lived there, about the people who have left, and gives us an understanding about their situations, dreams, and hopes. It emphasized the story of a special girl, Mai living her two very different worlds. My kids are ten and twelve, and this story resonates well with them. They can understand it clearly, and I feel their view of the world has heightened because of it.

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The Book, “Vietnam, A History of the War” is such a wonderful insight on how the Vietnam War began. I love how it shows different sides of the war though different eyes. The writer makes it easy to read and understand about the insights into this vital war that changed the relationship between Vietnam and the United States. My children are exposed to lessons, and learning about the past, enables them to know how the future is shaped. Jambo books club is such a wonderful gift to give to our children.

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