Who has heard of the candles with jewelry in them? Not only are you getting some great smelling candle, you get some nice jewelry that can be worth a lot of money.


These candles are made of the highest quality wax & fragrances, all framed in a frosted glass jar with artwork any home owner would be proud to display. As if that isn't enough … every candle comes with a ring inside valued between $10 & $3000 making it a perfect gift or the ultimate way to spoil yourself.

Light your wick and wait for the candle to burn until you see the wrapping foil. A shiny little surprise will be found in every candle. We only have used one so far and it smells so good. Yeah, I couldn't wait and dug out the ring, I need to check it and still haven't so far.



No matter what the outcome of the jewelry, these are some great smelling candles. Our room has been smelling great, and these burn great. Snuff out the flames and remove the package using a spoon or a pair of tweezers. Be careful unwrapping the aluminium protecting the jewellery. Each jewel comes with a little note with instructions how to find our your jewel's RRP. Lucky fans who discovered a $1,000-$2,000 jewel will have their prize shipped out.

What if you love taken baths, well there are also Bath Bomb Jewelry, also great smelling. My niece loves them and she has used one and got a ring. Do you enjoy a slow and relaxing bath? Aside from scented candles, body scrubs and bath salts, you can pamper yourself with amazing bath bombs. These scented and colorful babies will make your shower time not just relaxing but also enjoyable.

For a soothing, cleansing soak this raspberry bath bomb will fizz joyously, scenting the water with hints of berry and softening you up nicely with sweet almond oil.  I had to try one of these bath bombs and I am happy I did. loved the way it relaxed me and the fizzle it did as it melted in the water,


Our Candles

Our candles are hand poured with love in Australia and made with 100% eco-friendly soy wax. They contain natural cotton wick with only the premium fragrances. Our candles & fragrances do NOT contain any parabens, ammonia, chlorine & are pesticide-free. Burn time is up to 80 hours.


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