Jewelry Care 101: Tips to Caring for Your Semiprecious Gems

Jewelry Care 101: Tips to Caring for Your Semiprecious Gems

When you first obtain a piece of jewelry, you admire every feature and detail that contributes to its alluring appearance. You wear your new favorite accessory to every occasion, but over time, you notice the gems and metal components don’t shine as brilliantly as they once did.

Prepare to take a crash course in Jewelry Care 101 as you explore tips to caring for your semiprecious gems so that your stunning adornments last longer.

Don’t Wear Gemstone Jewelry During Everyday Tasks

Gemstone jewelry can last you a while, given that it receives the proper care and maintenance it needs. Make sure to perform household chores sans jewelry, as soaps, chemicals, and dirt particles can affect gemstone quality and cause scruffs and scratches.

Clean and Polish Your Jewelry Regularly

When you wear jewelry often, you expose it to elements such as grime and sweat, which contribute to the buildup on metals and gemstones. Semiprecious gems can eventually sport a cloudy appearance that negatively affects the look of your accessories.

Remember that cleaning your ornaments with commercially prepared jewelry cleaners is one of the safest methods to effectively eliminate traces of buildup. You should never scrub jewelry, but you can use a soft-bristled brush to gently clean and buff all components. Once you complete this step, polish your jewelry with a soft, lint-free cloth to restore its luster and brilliance.

Protect Gems from Sunlight and Heat

Harsh rays of sunlight are harmful to gemstone jewelry. Heat and light can affect a semiprecious stone’s color and durability and fade its brilliance. Sudden temperature changes can contribute to fractures in some gems.

Store Gemstone Adornments Separately

Semiprecious gems are hard structures. When storing your jewelry, remember to keep gemstone accessories away from softer gems to avoid rubbing and damaging, which could affect other pieces.

Check Jewelry for Loose Stones

Periodically examine studded jewelry for loose stones. If you discover loose details, take your accessories to a professional jeweler to resolve the damage.

When caring for your semiprecious gems and jewelry, it’s essential to consider the above tips to ensure these prized pieces remain in impeccable condition and last you a lifetime.

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