Job Options for Dogs You Didn’t Know Existed

Job Options for Dogs You Didn’t Know Existed

We all know about seeing eye, police, and bomb sniffing dogs, but our furry friends can do so much more. Check out these jobs for dogs you didn’t know existed.

Seizure dogs

There are two types of seizure dog, one that detects when a seizure is about to happen and one that responds to a person seizing. They go through extensive training and have different abilities depending on the specific needs of an individual. Some bark to let surrounding people know a seizure is happening/about to happen, and some help prevent injury during a seizure by using their bodies as shields from the floor when the person falls. Although each dog’s training is unique and can take different amounts of time, in general, dogs go through a minimum of two years of training.

Bed bug sniffing dogs

Like drug or bomb sniffing dogs, some dogs are trained to sniff out pests. With bed bug infestations on the rise, companies utilize dogs to sniff out the pests; they can do this before a full infestation begins. They have a 90 percent accuracy and can complete inspections much faster than human inspectors. They can detect even just a couple bed bugs, sometimes as few as one. To become a certified bed bug sniffing dog, pups must be selected by a top training school, and they will need to complete up to 800 hours of training. Even after graduation, these talented pups must continue training to keep their skills sharp.

Bird-chasing dogs

Dogs tend to have a natural passion for bird chasing, so this is a dream job for many. Some golf courses and airports utilize this natural passion as a humane way to clear areas of birds. Birds on golf courses interfere with golfers’ games and create dangerous situations for the birds; a stray golf ball would do substantial damage to a bird. In airports, birds pose one of the leading dangers for airplanes. While airports have tried different methods to clear runways of birds, dogs get the job done quickly. These dogs receive training on how to chase birds until they hit a certain point, like a fence or a path, or until the bird flies away.

Truffle-hunting dogs

Truffle mushrooms are a delicacy across the globe and rather tough to find, as the mushrooms only grow in certain places. These little delicacies are so difficult to locate, harvesters began to look for help from animals. Originally a job for female pigs, (the scent of truffles is thought to be similar to a male pig’s hormones), dogs have taken over because the pigs had a habit of munching on the merchandise. Just like bed bug sniffing dogs, these pups are trained to track a scent and alert their handlers when they detect it.

Politician dogs

That’s right; politician dogs exist. There are multiple occasions in the United States’ history when a dog ran for office—and won. There were at least nine times a dog was elected to hold a political office. Bosco the dog was the first known doggy-mayor and was elected—for the first time—in 1981. He ran as a “re-pup-lican” candidate. Mocked at first, Bosco eventually won the public’s affection and was even invited to the democracy rally at Tiananmen Square in China, but he did not attend.

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