John Spach Explains How Businesses Must Use Sneeze Guards to Avoid Threat of COVID Spread

We all know that businesses are being affected massively because of the coronavirus pandemic. Needless to say, many businesses have to close their operations to limit the spread of viruses. It is a known fact now that staying home as much as you can is highly advantageous at the moment. And self-isolation is critical for keeping others from getting infected. 


The truth is, there are certain key businesses that need to remain open as they come under essential services. And while this suit both the business and the consumers, the fact of the matter is safety still needs to be taken quite seriously. One thing such businesses need to do is use floor markings to help people keep social distancing. And the other is to use an acrylic sneeze guard so that there is a reliable barrier between the employees and the customers.


John Spach Briefly Explains the Importance of Sneeze Guards


Many big stores are using sneeze guards to keep the spread of coronavirus in check. These barriers have been placed in each of the store’s registers. The chief goal of these sneeze guards is to keep the droplets from a sneeze or cough from one person to another. And since keeping oneself and others safe in present times is of utmost importance, businesses cannot afford to work without using these essential barriers. 


It Protects You Everywhere


So, if your business comes under essential services and is open for the public, it is advisable that you do not depend on your customers for solely maintaining social distancing. Be smart and responsible and place acrylic sneeze guards at key counters and surfaces where interaction between customers and workers is unavoidable. Such guards will force customers to keep a distance while interacting with workers. Along with enforcing social distancing, such barriers will successfully stop the airborne particles from reaching people, which is vital for stopping the growing spread of the virus.


Buy Wisely


Acrylic sneeze guards can be used and should be used at purchase locations of banks, pharmacies, grocery stores, coffee shops, convenience stores, and other similar places. Once these guards are placed at these key places, businesses can continue to do their work without actually putting the lives of both the customers and the workers at risk. Since these guards are not made of metal, the threat of virus surviving on the surface goes down considerably.


You Best Defense 


News channels and newspapers are filled with stories and reports that describe the negative impact of coronavirus on businesses and the economy of many countries throughout the world. So, it is obvious that we cannot afford to sit in the comfort of our homes for far too long and must start our business somehow. It has been found that if social distancing, sanitizing, and other measures such as usage of acrylic sneeze guards are properly followed, the threat of coronavirus spread can be controlled. But we all need to cooperate and follow the guidelines together to keep the virus from spreading. 


According to John Spach businesses can make use of these guards in their commercial setting to do their bit, and customers can do theirs by following social distancing religiously.


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