When we grill my sister really goes out, when I was asked to do a review for Johnsonville I was excited too. Receiving coupons we were able to choose what we wanted to review and try. We ended up getting some grillers and Bratwurst. Never having ever tasted brat I wa sort of iffy about it, but to be honest it tasted really good.

We used the burgers on a night we were having hotdogs, they have a sweeter taste to them but are so good. The burgers are HUGE. I mean it. Much bigger than your standard burger patty. And although they shrunk during grilling They were still large enough to hang over the edges of my hamburger buns on two sides when we were done cooking them.

They are thicker than a standard hamburger as well-so don’t slam them on your hottest grill setting. I’d go a bit lower so that they have time to cook through without getting too brown on the outside.


It’s a pork patty, basically a sausage patty. The package came with 6 1/3 lb patties not a hamburger, we also got the brat and sausage . All tasted so good

They were so delicious and fit into my diet perfectly. One thing is, you have to be careful when cooking them. If they crack open on the ends while cooking, they'll start to push some of the delicious cheese out

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  1. I will have to try these out. They look really yummy!

  2. We just tried these! I was surprised how big the patties are. I found them to be super filling and they taste great too!

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