The “Write-It-Down!”series offers the WORLD’S LARGEST COLLECTION OF GUIDED /THEMED JOURNALS, all with their trademark easy to fill-in format. Journals Unlimited offers over 60 titles with unique prompts on each page to get the writer started. Some themes include travel, wine, recipe, reading, parenting, fitness, camping, self, family, gratitude, a huge assortment of outdoor titles & the list goes on. Whatever your interest, there is a journal for you! They help organize your thoughts, hold precious memories and make wonderful keepsakes. Use the “Personalize It!” service for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind journal with your photo & text! The famed “Write-it-Down!” series is available in Mini Size (3”x5”, 80 pages, $5.95) and Full Size (7.5”x9”, 100 pages, $18.95) in the original Natural Kraft Collection and the Color Collection. These journals are printed in the USA on acid-free recycled paper using soy-based ink and feature a durable hard-cover design and beautiful hand-crafted look!Visit www.journalsunlimited.com. Seeing we have started going to church I love my journal , now after mass I can come home and write my verse that I loved down.

I just love working with this company! There is so many amazing journals it is so hard to pick one out! They are made very well! Not some cheap journal you pick up at a office store. These will truly last you for many years!!

About ~
Our history by Barb Morina – President / Founder
I’ve always kept a personal journal to express my thoughts, excitement, and concerns for the moment and it helps me to plan and set goals for the future. Everyone experiences important events worth remembering. Whatever your age or passion, keeping a journal is a great way to capture and recall your thoughts and ideas, while recording all your precious memories.
With just an idea, the company was started in the summer of 1997. I was on vacation on the west coast of Michigan when I walked up into a Barnes & Noble book store. I wanted to pick up a vacation journal and envisioned finding a series of journals with the prompts such as our journals offer (Where I traveled, Where I stayed, People I met, etc.). There was nothing even close, only a wide variety of blank journals. Almost immediately the idea was born! By the end of the day, I had developed several titles as well as the craft color and cover design

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