Summertime fun means, days on the beach and camping trip. We love to do some grilling while we are away, and what the best thing to use.,Kenyon City Grill. this is perfect you can take it all over with you and have it handy,


Portable Electric Grill by Kenyon offers users an alternative to their gas and charcoal counterparts for people that live in cities where gas and charcoal grills are no longer allowed.  For those people no longer able to bbq outside, this grill will deliver time and time again because of its ease of use you can grill every night of the week with clean up taking no more hassle than wiping a wet paper towel across the surface after grilling. It's time to change the way you think about electric grills.

This is the perfect grill if you want some grilling taste, without having to stand outside in the heat, rain just to achieve that taste. Using it in the kitchen for now, and when we go camping this will be the go-to grill, we can even use it inside the RV. Although we can’t cure the pains of 5 o’clock traffic, we can promise a quick, easy and delectable dinner with  Kenyon City Grill.when you get home.


The grill heats quickly and evenly and we do everything from steaks to eggs on it with great success. Cleaning is so easy. The lid and cooking grate go right into the dishwasher. As for effectiveness, the burner and grate are creatively engineered to nest securely and spread the heat evenly. In five minutes or less, you are ready to grill at whatever temperature you desire.

Its sleek engineering makes it virtually smokeless and without flare-ups; a perfect fit for indoors in your kitchen or outdoors on your balcony. We have made hamburgers, and hot dogs on this and love the way they come out and taste.


Looking for a new grill that you don't need to cook only outside, this is the perfect grill for you, make some great grilled food inside the house.


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