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Music with Kala Brand

I am the type of mom that likes to get her kids to have some kind of exposure to a little bit of the good things. For one, the musical world. With so many options of instruments to play with, which one is a good fit? I’ve always been fascinated with the ukulele. It just has the old charm of the waters and waves, with an uplifting tune. So I decided to get the Kala ukulele for my family and have my kids learn to start playing one.


First let me say, the Kala brand is absolutely amazing. Their store carries so many products aside from ukuleles. They also have the U-bass, guitars, percussions, apparels, and parts! For Kala ukuleles, you can choose from solid wood, or just top, exotic wood, mahogany in all sorts of colors and finishes. The beauty is they have a mission where you can learn to play and offer many guides to help along the way. Their website has online tutorials for learning about chords and songs. They teach techniques on playing and they teach the actual song! 

Easy Learning

I like that Kala put House of the Rising Sun on their site. A man name Sam teaches how to play and you learn the Am, C, D, F, and E7 chords. It’s not hard at all. The Kala starter kit comes with the ukulele and a learn how to play guide book. The book introduces the parts of the ukulele, how to hold it, and strum it. It describes how to make chords and how to play songs with an easy diagram. Songs you can learn from the guide include: This Land is Your Land, Pachelbel’s Canon, Scarborough Fair, and Happy Birthday.

Also important, is that you can download the Kala app. There you can learn how to tune as well learn songs. 

Find out more about them at Kala Brand Music / Twitter / Facebook / YouTube / Instagram

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