So many young adults now are going to study abroad.  It is exciting, shows you a whole new way of life different than what you are used to, and also gives you the tools and experience you need.  If you are passionate about the environment and helping people on that level, then Kalu Yala is something you are going to want to learn more about.

Study abroad programs are expensive and that could be a huge factor in why many people who are interested in studying abroad and actually getting some experience never get that far.  Kalu Yala is almost half the cost of most study abroad programs, and the cost covers all instruction, room and board, and project materials.

Because Kalu Yala is actually a settlement being established to become a growing town, these people involved are part of a much bigger picture, creating sustainable living.  Houses are being built, and they are learning things every step of the way which in turn can help them create their own businesses whether it be abroad or in the United States.

Be warned, though – there is bad news – and that bad news is for the other study programs that charge $10,000 or more PER semester – more bad news is that you will never want to throw your trash away again, you will want to recycle and upcycle everything.  You may not even only do it to your own trash but others when you see that they aren't recycling! You will also have  a new appreciation and understanding of the world outside the United States, one that is simple, different, peaceful, where they use their resources and try to bring some of that back to the United States to make our country a better place and more eco-friendly, and bringing that sustainability model here to incorporate in your life (or your family and friends once you have a better realization of it), or to start up your own business using the information and experience that you gained there.

I will tell you from the time I was young I am the type of person that once I do something myself, I get it, I know it.  If you try to write something down and expect me to do it from that or someone wants to tell me and have me do it later, forget about it.  It will be a disaster.  If you walk me through it with me actually doing it, not watching you and expecting me to remember but actually doing whatever it is that needs to be done, that is the best way that I learn and succeed.  This program enables you to do just that  so especially if you are like me and prefer that way of learning, this is priceless.

If you are someone you know is really interested in studying abroad and making a difference and also jumping right in and learning by doing, then check out the Kalu Yala Study Abroad program for yourself, read about it, and make an informed decision about whether that would be the right opportunity for you.

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