I love to go to the beach but I always worry if my keys and money will either get lost in the sand or worse, get stolen. Now there's a way you can keep both of them safe with the FlexSafe from AquaVault. A rugged canvas pouch that has a combination lock to keep your valuables safely locked onto a handle of a wagon, stroller or even a beach chair. You can set your flexsafe combination lock to any numbers you want and easily change it over and over again. It has a handy belt loop to carry on your person when out travelling or sight seeing so any suspecting person can't easily snatch it and run. Personally this item is a must for anyone and I especially love putting it on my stroller when I take my little one for walks to put my keys in so I don't lose them.



While you are out at the beach with your family or even swimming in your backyard pool, you can now take selfies easily without damaging your phone in the water. This waterproof smartphone case seals up tight and has a ziplock top that you roll and fasten with velcro for that extra protection. Snorkeling at the beach will be even more fun when you can snap a photo of that crab, fish or even coral that you see in the water. If you don't live near a beach but enjoy amusement parks in the summer, this would also be a must have to take on those water rides that everyone loves to cool off on and even take a few selfies on them along the ride route.


Last but not least is this awesome collapsible pail that comes in 4 different color choices and a shovel. You no longer have to worry about the bulkiness of having pails stacked up in your car from the kids with this BPA-free silicone and plastic pail. These easily wash off and collapse down to only a couple inches in height and they stack up easily to store when not in use. Grab your flexsafe and lock it on your collapsible pail and put your phone in your waterproof case and you are ready for an afternoon at the beach in the sand, surf and sun.


All these items have been featured on shark tank and can be found on AquaVault for purchase.

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