What makes a happy golfer? Being able to putt anytime, anywhere … not just on the putting green. How do you make your golfer happy? By giving them a Putt-A-Round 360° Putting Aid by Anne Stone for Valentine's day!

My father has been an avid golfer since … well … since before I can even remember. He loves being out on the golf course. He passed that love on to my sons, who are now passing it on to my grandchildren. There are many times when they either can't make it out to the course or when the course is practically under water.  Between school, work, family gatherings, days of endless rain … my wonderful golfers are stuck indoors. But that no longer means they can't play! The Putt-A-Round is portable, easy to set up, and easy to hide when the boss walks in.

Every Putt-A-Round is made with anodized aluminum putting cups. The cup is a 360° design. If you miss your shot, all you have to do is walk over to your ball and play it from where it lays. There is no need to turn the cup to face you. That's just like what you would do out on the golf course. You can get an indoor game going with family or friends by purchasing a numbered set of flags and adding different colored balls the way you would at a miniature golf course. It's so much fun to keep score and have a reward for the winner.

One really fun thing about giving the Putt-A-Round as a gift this Valentine's Day is that you can order from the pre-printed flags or you can design your own flag with a special message just for your valentine. Putt-A-Round also offers monogrammed flags. The creative possibilities are practically endless. And so are the people you may know who would love to receive a Putt-A-Round as a gift this Valentine's Day.

  • Husbands or Wives
  • Daughters or Sons
  • Grandpas and Grandmas
  • Bosses
  • Your doctor, child's teacher, office staff break room
  • Military Service Members Overseas

Who else can you think of? Make a list and give them a gift that will make them smile … not only on Valentine's Day but every time they use their Putt-A-Round and think of you.

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