Halloween is soon upon us. And, with Halloween comes candy. For many of us, Halloween doesn't bring just some candy. It brings TONS of candy. Sometimes the amount of sweets is overwhelming. And, for some parents, it's not exactly fun to have all the candy around. In fact, it can create battles between child and parent. The kid begs for more candy and parents try to put their foot down and limit the daily allotment of sugar intake. Well, one solution to ease such battles and tension is Halloween Holly!

Now, you may be asking, “Who (or what) is Halloween Holly?” Halloween Holly is a holiday tradition that can be incorporated by a family in order to help limit the amount of Halloween treats that children choose to keep. It's a creative way to help children more willingly give away their extra candy (hopefully without a struggle and without tears).

What Exactly Is the Halloween Holly Set?

When you purchase a Halloween Holly package, you receive a book and a colorful bowl (which is similar to the one featured in the book). The book, Halloween Holly: Santa's Helper, tells the story about Holly, the daughter of a fairy and an elf. In the beginning, she initially has difficulty fitting in at the North Pole due to her wings, which make her different from the elves. It takes time for Holly to find her place.

However, Holly eventually learns that candy magically helps elves with their energy levels, which, in turn, helps them make more toys. Later in the story, Santa runs into problems as he finds out the elves are running behind in making toys because of a candy shortage. So, Holly comes to the rescue with a creative idea of how to obtain more candy for the elves. And, it's all through the use of her special bowl, which is meant to collect children's extra Halloween candy. She shares her mission with the children all over and they work together to collect their leftover candy. In the end, Holly and the children help the elves and help save Christmas!

At the end, the book asks kids to pick 10 pieces of their favorite candy. The rest can go in Halloween Holly's bowl to be collected for the elves! It's a very creative way to limit the sweets, while also teaching children about sharing and moderation. The product's website also states the book teaches “caring, self-confidence, growth mindset, social acceptance, (and) healthier eating.” The book also includes some photo pages, where you can place your child's pictures to keep fun memories of the holiday and of Holly's tradition!

Where to Purchase

To purchase the book & bowl set, you can visit the product's website. It currently retails for $29.95 (price subject to change).

Cara Vie, a mother of 2 boys, came up with the idea of Halloween Holly and has received rave reviews for her product. The product has even received the Mom's Choice Award for “Honoring Excellence.” So, visit the website and check it out for yourself! You'll see lots of great reviews and happy faces from people that have been touched by Halloween Holly!

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