I am always looking for a good place to purchase clothes for my nephew, that are great quality, affordable, and up to date with styles! The children's place is a wonderful place to purchase children's clothes that start from newborn and go all the way to size 16! There is a children's place in my local mall that is a great place to shop, and you can also shop their store online at www.childrensplace.com
With it being winter now, and very chilly here in North Carolina I wanted to get him something that would keep him warm, and he would look cute in as well! The boys 3-in-1 jacket is a great purchase and your child will get plenty of wear out of it. It has an outer shell that is made from 100% nylon twill which is water resistant. It is insulated and the hood, body and sleeves are made from 100% polyester taffeta making it very lightweight. There is an inner liner of polyester Glacier fleece that is treated to prevent from pilling and it comes out to create a jacket of its own! This gives you the option to wear the outer Liner alone, wear the fleece alone, or combine them to make one thick insulated jacket! They are very stylish, come in different colors, and are sure to keep your babies warm!
3-in1 coat
3-in1 coat
Another item that I received is the boys long sleeve woven button up and belted pant set. This is such a cute set and is perfect to wear to church or somewhere where you want your little man looking perfect! The shirt is a onesie, so it looks like his shirt is tucked in, and it stays that way! The color combination of the shirt, pants, and belt look great together! Being able to buy a set together takes the worry out of trying to match outfits, and there are lots of sets like this available on their website.
3 piece set
If you're a parent, a family member of a child or in the market for baby and toddler clothing, Childrens Place is a great place to purchase clothing and accessories! They are very affordable and the quality is great! These clothes will last you're child through all of their adventures! 

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