Whats the one thing a woman can't go out without, I know a couple of people who need a full face of makeup. When my niece started wearing it, we always told her she didn't need it. But as many teens, they love to wear it, and all she has she's running out of places to put it.

Cherry Blossoms has the answer to that, they have the cutest bags, that she can put her everyday makeup in and what I love is she can take it away with her. And they are organizers and will keep everything, in one place.


Love makeup but not the mess and clutter (especially when travelling)?

Featuring 16 separate compartments, this beauty organizer can hold 80+ products, keeping your beauty products safe, secure and organized. It couldn't be easier. It’s the only beauty organizer of its kind, made in Australia exclusively by Cherry Blooms Founder Jellaine Dee.

•    2 Piece Set

•    16 Compartments

•    Fits 80+ Beauty Products

•    Self standing insert

•    Slim & compact design for travel

•    Side opening, 2 zips


Set the ready-to-use insert on your makeup dresser for easy access. When on the move, simply place it back into the handy carry toiletry bag and lay it flat in your suitcase.

She loves this bag, now when she goes away she can carry this in her carry bag, and not her suitcase. Easy and small and its so pretty she says, enough room for everything she needs and more.


All of your beauty products are easily accessible, clearly visible from a bird's eye view, and can fit to OVER 80+ beauty products! These organizers come in three different styles: Matte Leather, Patent Leather, Chevron and Paris (black with gold lining), which all retails each for $69.99. The compact size makes them the perfect fit for any carry-on bag or suitcase.

What ever your looking for Cherry Blossoms is the place to go, they have a selection of makeup and bags and more.


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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This is so nice and so stylish. I could really use this to organize my makeup. Thank you so much for sharing God Bless

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