Flipping Holder

Have you ever given a young child fruit puree or a drink that comes in a pouch? Did they squeeze it and subsequently have it squirt liquid and/or puree all over their clothes and the floor (or on you)? That's no fun for child or parent. What's the solution? Well, you can tell the child to only grab the pouch at the edges or the very top. However, that doesn't always work. Or, you can make life easier and use the Flipping Holder!

Flipping Holder
Drink pouch not included.

What exactly is the Flipping Holder? It's a really cool invention from a mom who has come up with an ingenious solution parents will appreciate and love to use! According to the owner, Leah Ceee, “The Flipping Holder was invented by me as a working mom of three boys following a very messy plane ride.” After reading that, I chuckled as I thought about the messes I have experienced in my travels as well.  Well, Ms. Ceee has created the Flipping Holder to help keep those messes at bay. According to the product's website, the holder “allows children to eat mess-free from baby food pouches, juice pouches, and juice boxes.” So, less stress and less mess for everyone!!

The Flipping Holder can hold most drink boxes/pouches and food pouches (with or without a notched neck). If you want to be extra sure it will work with your food products, the website has a list of compatible products that work with the Flipping Holder.

For drinks, you insert the pouch or box into the wider opening. For food pouches, you follow directions that accompany the product. The directions differ for whether or not the pouch has a notched neck. It comes with handles that are easy to grasp. And, according to the product's website, “This is the only holder that works for BOTH food and juice pouches.” It's super simple to use and will make snack and meal time much easier!

Other Features And Where To Purchase The Flipping Holder

To make the Flipping Holder even better, it is free of BPA and DEHP. And, it can be washed by hand or placed in the dishwasher's top rack. What I really like is that, for washing by hand, it is easy to access both ends of the holder to thoroughly clean it.

Where can you purchase your Flipping Holder? It is available at various retailers (see the list). You can also buy it from the owner's website or from Amazon as a 1-pack or 2-pack . They come in blue, white, and purple and have a cute little animal on the holder. So check them out!

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