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Keep All Your Valuables Safe


Linquet is an innovative Internet of Things company focused on connecting your real world to you. Its mission is to create a genuinely linked world where every object smartly helps improve your life, no matter where you are or what’s important to you. We have little dogs, and this is perfect to have on them. So if they should happen to get out, we can find them all by the tag.

Linquet is a smart cloud-based solution which can protect your valuables, no matter where you are. Just attach the tiny Linquet devices to your valuables (e.g. keys, bike, wallet, pet) and connect them to your phone via the Linquet app. When either your valuable or phone is left behind, both will alarm to prevent you from losing or misplacing your stuff. You can also alarm any “linquet ” item from the app to find it. Moreover, you can smartly and securely share your valuables with other people. Imagine leaving your keys someplace, now its that easy to find them.


If you happen to leave something behind, your Trusted Friends and the Linquet Network will help you retrieve it. That’s great so if someone should pick it up, you can track it to find it. You can share your Linquets with your friends and family. Also if you leave something behind, your Trusted Friends can help you retrieve it, now all of your friends can help you in finding it. 


If your item’s on the move and comes within 100 feet of another Linquet user, its location is anonymously updated and you get notified. There are more than 1.9 billion Smartphone users in the world and the average person wastes up to 50 minutes per day looking for their personal items; that’s 14 days per year, and three years every lifetime!  Being able to find something I left someplace is the key to making, anyone happy.  This would be great for the whole family.  

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