We are always looking for a game or two, for the younger kids. Holidays are approaching faster, then we want them too.  And then comes the winter recess, and the kids are home for a week or more. So what do you do? We always have some fun on hand, we know too well that kids can get bored fast.


My younger nephews love watching  Danger & Eggs,  and we are more than happy to throw it on for them. Danger & Eggs follows the endless adventures of a fearless, teal-haired girl named D.D. Danger (voiced by SNL's Aidy Bryant) and her ever cautious best friend, a giant talking egg named Phillip. Together, join this buddy system as they explore an underground laboratory, meet a tech-savvy raccoon, and find moments of heart in the smallest bite of broccoli.

Now when they want to play with some toys, we have been grooving with our ABC Dancing Dino, Remote Control ABC Dancing Dino responds to the touch of various buttons on the accompanying handheld remote: walking and talking, dancing, singing, and playing music; His wiggly, waggly tail and enthusiastic dance moves (accompanied by humorous phrases like ‘I'm a prehistoric dancing machine!'), ignite particularly gleeful responses from young ones;Fun songs and sound effects keep children happily engaged, laughing, dancing, and singing along to familiar tunes;Between Action Mode and Let's Learn Mode (both of which are triggered by remote control) ABC Dancing Dino covers a lot of play territory;Requires three AA batteries for body (included), and two AA batteries for remote (not included). For ages 2 and up



Learning Resources Snap-N-Learn Number Turtles

These colorful turtles are ready to teach numbers, shapes and colors! Match the numbered patterns (1-5) on mama turtle’s shell with her corresponding baby turtle and watch as number and shape recognition snap into place. Baby Turtle fits under the mama turtle’s shell for hide-n-seek learning fun. Includes 5 two-piece mama turtles with shells, and 5 baby turtles.




For the baby of the family, he can have fun while he's taking a bath, Musical Duck Race. Baby bath toys from Yookidoo bring developmental toys and sensory development into the bathtub and make bath time fun! This musical duck race combines brilliant engineering with a magical sense of play to create a unique experience for your child. This battery operated fountain draws water up a specially designed pump and circulates water in a track at the top of the toy. The four mischievous ducks that come with this set can race around the fountain while fun water and sound effects play. At the top of the fountain more water will pump out, and your child can activate more sound effects by pressing down on the leaf. Each duck has a different color and water effect. The different aspects of the fountain develop hand-eye coordination, cause, and effect, the properties of physics, and encourages learning through sensory play and also fun!

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