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Keep Your Home “Neato” While On Vacation

How Can You Keep Your Home “Neato” While On Vacation? This Product Will Literally Change Your Life!

I wonder if you can help me with something.  I would love to know how many of you go on vacation while leaving a “not so neato” home?  Since I'm a procrastinator I always wait until the last minute to get things done, which means cleaning is on the back burner.  To me, vacuuming and dusting are those little things that are easy to let go.  Unfortunately, they pile up rather quickly if you leave them for long.

Coming home to a messy house after vacationing isn't a great thing for your mental health.  You've just vacationed to de-stress and now you walk into a cluttered home with pet hair on the floor.  But what do you do?  Of course, if you're organized then you'll clean before leaving.  However, if you have pets at home they're still making a mess on the floor with their hair/fur.  Boy oh boy do I have something amazing for all of you!  NeatoRobotics has an absolutely brilliant robot vacuum that you can control from your smartphone.   Not only will this genius gadget vacuum for you, but it will even go to the charger on it's own!

Neato Information And Accessories

The Neato D8 Intelligent Robot Vacuum is one of the most innovative vacuums on the market.  This “D” shaped robot vacuum has spiral combo brush that's 70% bigger than round robots.  Not only that, but it works great on any surface!  For example, hardwood, carpet, tile, etc.  Believe it or not it cleans up to 750 square feet on a single charge, which makes this perfect for small to medium-sized homes.  My favorite feature of this amazing gadget is if it's cleaning a big room and runs out of charge, the Neato D8 will automatically recharge itself and then resume the job!  Are we spoiled or what?  This is the only vacuum you will ever need.  It also has up to 100 minutes of run time per charge.  Of course, as you can see, it doesn't matter since it can recharge itself.

Do you have allergies?  Don't you worry your pretty little allergic head.  The Neato D8 will trap 99% of allergens with its high performance filter, which will help all of the sneezing and itching from dander and whatever else we have on our floors.  Another favorite feature of mine is the MyNeato app that you can use to control your vacuum remotely.  When you used to think about the future, didn't you picture something like this?  I know I did!  You can even program your vacuum to avoid certain areas and schedule cleaning days and times.

Do you have a hard to clean area?  Well, they've thought of that too.  You can switch between Eco and Turbo mode depending on what kind of cleaning you need.  For extra tough areas you can use turbo mode for a deep, thorough cleaning.  This will increase the suction and speed up the spiral combo brush.  No dust bunnies will be able to hide from this vacuum!

No longer do you need to hire someone to come and clean while you're gone.  The Neato D8 is the future, but now.  It's precision cleaning around and under furniture will be your only choice when it comes to robot vacuums.

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