When it comes to cooking, my sister and husband do all the cooking. They always make sure the knives are nice and sharp. No one likes cutting, with a dull knife. So when thinking of them I wanted, to get something they could use and it is useful at the same time. Using this knife sharpener is all you need, to get those knives nice and sharp.

SHARPAL 104N Professional Knife & Scissors Sharpener is a perfect sharpener for those who own both standard European/American style knives and Santoku & other Asian style knives of double beveled edge.

Stage 1 uses two preset crossed carbide blades to put a quick edge on knives. Stage 2 uses ceramic blades to hone the fine edge. This sharpener can also be used for serrated blades.

Only use stage 2 for serrations. The specially shaped tungsten carbide blade is designed for scissors sharpening.

The heavy-duty, ergonomic handle with the rubber over-molded grip provides a stable and comfortable platform for sharpening all your knives, scissors

They are able to sharpen our knives without, any issues making them all nice and sharp. I even sharpened my scissors. The tool fits easily into your hand and grips the countertops well so the tool doesn't slip. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great multi-purpose tool. Stop throwing away blunt knives, dull scissors, and shears and save money.

Simply place the dull blade in sharpening slot and hold the handle firmly, sharpening can happen in just seconds. Sharpens both Standard and Santoku & other Asian style knives. What they like about this sharpener, is the feel of it in their hands. Wont slip as they are sharpening, the knives.

Do you have a spouse, friend, or neighbor who just loves being in the kitchen? Get them this ceramic knife sharpener and make their time it the kitchen painless. Perfect gift for those cooks in your life, give it for any occasion



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