Keep Your Shoes Tied The Easy Way with Xpand Laces

We all know the struggles of teaching our children how to tie their shoes. It can be a very frustrating process. Of course there are many books and YouTube tutorials that you can read and watch, but sometimes that can be more of a hindrance too. With so many different ways and techniques, how do you find the right one that will help your child? Well that all depends on your child and their learning style. Through trial and error you will find your way, you will just need a lot of patience. However, if you want to skip this process for the time being, Xpand Laces has just what you need to keep your child's shoelaces tied indefinitely.

Keep Your Shoes Tied The Easy Way with Xpand Laces

Xpand Laces

Xpand is the original no-tie elastic shoelace system that allows you to turn any shoe, sneaker or boot into slip-ons. Xpand ensures that you never have to tie your shoelaces ever again! They are the top-rated shoelace system on, with over 1 million pairs sold worldwide since 2015. The Xpand Laces are 52 inches long, and can stretch out to over twice that length, which makes them long enough for both high tops, Jordans and boots.

The no-tie laces are available in two formats: Original No-Tie Lacing System or the Quick-Release Lacing System. With the Original No-Tie Lacing System, their patented Lace Anchors secure your laces in place through any intense activities, while maintaining an amazing comfortable fit. The Xpand Quick-Release Lock is a one piece design that is simple to install and even easier to use. Made with fiber reinforced resin, the patent-pending Quick-Release Lock is nearly indestructible.

Not Just For Kids

Xpand Laces are not just for kids. Their laces can work on shoes from kid's shoes to adult shoes and boots. Xpand Laces are also great for:

  • Athletes
  • Pregnant Moms
  • Seniors with limited mobility
  • Parents
  • Children with disabilities
  • Anyone that likes the looks of wearing a sneaker, but does not like tying their shoes!

Xpand Laces is the Official Shoelace of Tough Mudder Toronto. They were awarded the Amazon's Choice for Best Lacing System. With so many accolades and recognition, how can you not give Xpand Laces a try?

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