Keep your Vacation Mood On by Making those Long Haul Flights Less Miserable





Do you prefer to sit in a small and confined space through the air at a stretch? If your answer is yes, you indeed don't look forward to long flights. 


Nevertheless, if a long flight from Hilton Washington awaits your arrival, you're certainly overwhelmed by the period. This fear of flying has increased ever since the airlines continue to shrink their legroom space and seat size- all at the same time. 


But, do long flights always have to be this miserable? Yes, they will be unless you read through some tips to make your long plane rides much more comfortable. What's even better is that these tips come right from the travel enthusiasts tables. So, what's keeping you waiting, folks? An essential long haul flight checklist awaits your quick glimpse. Let's get going with discovering what these are:


  • Carry a Bag:


Travel enthusiasts recommend packing compact luggage so that it can be stored in the overhead bins. Also, you'll have your footwell freed up with this. You can easily stretch your legs so that you make the flight experience much more comfortable. 


  • Block all the Noise:


One of the biggest problems that travellers encounter is the noise from other passengers. These can either be a rowdy group of friends or crying babies. 


These sounds add to your frustration, especially when you're trying to sleep. Experts suggest using soft silicone earplugs to block all or most noise or reusable earplugs for cutting down single-use waste. 


Know that the cacophony of airport noises drive even the sanest people to go mad. Thereby, go for noise-cancelling headphones to dilute the excess noise. 


It's the best decision you can take as it will allow you to be zen out during the long-haul flight. 


  • Devote Some Time to Stretch:


A comfortable flight begins even before you board the plane. Pro travellers suggest stretching whenever you find an empty gate area. You can also do some yoga before getting on the plane. 


Chances are great for you to get weird looks for other people, but believe that stretching tight muscles is undoubtedly worth the awkwardness. 


The experts suggest getting up and taking a walk around whenever you can. By doing so, you'll be able to eliminate tight muscles and circulation problems. 


You can also practice some in-seat stretches during the flight. 


  • Layer Up:


Ensure dressing up in layers as you can never be too sure of how warm or chilly the plane ride will be. You can also consider using some extra layers to cushion against neck stiffness or back, especially when you're sitting on the plane for long periods. 


  • Use your Glasses:


Ditch contact lenses for the flight duration and opt for your old-age glasses. 


It is because many people mistake wearing contact lenses, and the dry aeroplane air dries them up. The contact lenses stick onto their eyes, which cause multiple tears. 


So, how about rocking your grandma glasses throughout the flight to avoid these from drying your eyes? Sounds great! 


  • Arrive at the Airport Well Ahead of Time:


This sounds pretty obvious but doesn't occur to many travellers while planning their trip. Yes, it is important to leave early for the airport to eliminate stress tremendously. 


Always try to build 30 minutes in between your airport arrival and plane board. You can also consider parking at Hilton Dulles IAD airport to have a safe trip to the airport on shuttles. This point holds value, especially if you're a procrastinator who's always late to the airport. Thereby, all you've to do is arrive one hour before the check-in times. 


By doing so, you tend to experience a sense of calm to prevent anxiety. 

Kudos, folks, since you'll be covered, even if there's a long line of security or traffic jam. 


  • Wisely Choose your Seat:


The favourite tip from the list to make flying more comfortable is picking your seat strategically. Knowing where you'll be sitting on the plane helps you aid in sleeping and eating. 


If you're lucky enough to choose, opt for a seat that fully reclines. Make sure it is not next to the kitchen. After all, you don't want to face the congregation of fellow passengers and flight attendants. 


  • Ensure Hydrating:


Staying hydrated should be your top-most priority, especially during long international flights. 


You must drink a lot of water while heading up to the flight and while you're in the air. This may mean more bathroom breaks, but your body will express gratitude once you reach your destination. 


Many people prefer bringing a water bottle and fill that up as and when they need it. The best part about these is that they pass security too. Hydrate yourself well as it can take 60-90 minutes before the onset of onboard service. Thus, it's always good to be prepared. 


  • Bring Snacks:


There's hardly a person who could miss scrumptious meals. People eat before flying and generally pack sandwiches and a few pieces of nuts, fruits, etc., so that they can munch something while they're on an exhausting flight. 


Food on planes is starchy, dry, or salty. Thus, travellers bring sliced cucumbers to munch on. You can cut these on the thick side for a satisfying crunch. Not only it satisfies your appetite, but it also gives you well-needed hydration, saving time. 


  • Pack a Facial Mist:


Do you feel that the aeroplane cabin atmosphere makes your skin dehydrated? Well, many people are fond of a soothing facial mist for feeling comfortable in their skin. 


Opt for sensitive mist for soothing skin irritation associated with sunburn or makeup. 


  • Never Sleep Until the Takeoff:


Never sleep when the plane goes down or is coming up. 


This is a must consider tip as your inner ears don't have the capability of regulating the air pressure with continuous ups and downs. Try to help them by taking some precautionary measures. You can use EarPlane earplugs, chewing gum, or antihistamines. 


Travellers exclaim, facing troubles in their ears after a long plane flight. However, what's worse is when the situation gets worse, giving you a temporary hearing loss. Still not satisfied?


You'll want to consider these when the ENT specialists and Google searches aid your decision-making process. Creating precautionary routines is easier than starving off the ear of misery. 


  • Keep all your Essentials in One Place:


Pack all your go-to-items in one place. These may be your phone, charger, book, and headphone. 


It is always wise to have these essentials in one place so that they're easy to reach. Also, the search process becomes pretty easy without getting out of your seat and searching the bag. The scope for disturbing other people also eliminates once you do this. 


  • Invest in Upgradations:


Upgrade to the premium cabin whenever possible. Make the trip much more comfortable by thinking of legroom, especially if you're considering long haul flights. 


Consider asking the check-in attendants about the seating situation and see if the seating arrangement works well for you or not. Check with them if you can move to a less crowded area of the plane. 


The Verdict- Adventure Awaits, Go Find It


Experts suggest opting for higher-end airlines, wearing comfy clothes, and picking the aisle seat as some other tips.


By practising these tips, hopefully, you'll be able to make your flight experience less stressful. Which one's your favourite? Share your thoughts. 


After all, it's the journey that matters!


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