Its June and summertime is here, especially down South. You need to keep yourself hydrated, and I have found some of the cutest shakers to do so with, and the best part my husband loves them because yes they are WWE.

These are great for making a power shake, or as we use it to drink our water from. Now you can rehydrate and refuel like your favorite hero or villain.
Every Performa PerfectShaker is built to deliver against any demands it will endure.

  • 28 Ounces (800ml)
  • 100% Officially Licensed
  • Light Weight & Portable
  • Extra Wide Mouth
  • Screw on lid without rubber seal
  • Mix, pour, and store all in the same container.


They come in many designs, so if your not a wrestling fan there are many others you can choose from. What I love about Performa is they stand behind, all designs and quality of materials that go into making these awesome shakers. They always value us the customers and have a lifetime guarantee on their products.




At Performa, we realize the importance of building your brand within your marketplace and we also understand that price, minimum order quantity, turn around time and quality are always a concern.

As such, we have individually curated a wide variety of custom products that suit both retail and consumer needs. Whether it be small run or large quantity orders  – we have a product to suit your needs.

Performa’s mission is to create enthusiasm for building a healthy lifestyle.
Performa is a world-class fitness accessory company creating a wide range of products that meet the intense demands of a variety of different consumers.
Dedicated to providing award-winning customer service backed by integrity and an unrelenting pursuit of delivering results, Performa has become one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. For all your shaker needs, these are the perfect ones and all you need in a shaker.

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