Don't you hate when beer goes flat, we pay so much for it and in seconds of opening it's almost not worth drinking? There needs to be some kind of solution for this, and we have found it   Fizzics Beer system, I know what is this and how will it help me. One of the better products to have in your home, if you and your family love to drink beer. 

The Fizzics Beer system is a device that allows you to turn your average at home beer into something you would expect to find at your favorite bar or restaurant. It takes that less than perfect beer found in that can or bottle and transforms it into one that is full of body and taste and does all of this without any chemicals or special additives. Now you have a fresh from the tap beer experience any time you want right from the comfort of your own home

Hey, drink this at home as it comes from a can or a bottle. Now there is an opportunity to get the fresh and amazing taste of draft beer no matter whether it comes out of a can or a bottle and that’s with Fizzics.


A lot of what the Fizzics stands on is that the system pours a beer the way the brewer intended it to be poured, meaning from the draft. And yes, it definitely gives a drinker the chance to enjoy a draft beer at home. But the foam technology produces a denser result than you'd get at a bar. By no means is it bad, and people who enjoy the creamer head of a nitro beer may even prefer it, but I have a hard time believing this is what the brew masters intended.

All that being said, the Fizzics is a fun beer system that would be a conversation starter at any party. It would also be a neat gadget for any home brewer or beer enthusiast who does not want to invest in a full kegerator system, which could get costly. It’s definitely a cool novelty item that gives a nice pour and is easy to use.

We are wine drinkers also, and this looks like we can use it with that also. Getting ready to try this out with family, we have used it and love it, now to see what they all think.


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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This would make a great gift idea for the beer lover. It sounds easy to use. Thank you so much for sharing this gadget

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