When it comes to any man. they access over their cars.  Always trying to get it all shiny and smelling brand new. For Christmas, I wanted to get a whole new stock, of cleaners and all to take care of the cars and trucks. Complete Detailing Supplies for Cleaning Your Car. Soap, Wax, Tire Shine, Trim Restorer, Wash Mitt, Applicator, Microfiber Towel, Quick Detailer, and Interior Detailer.

Everything they need to make the cars look like new, and worth it. TriNova products are formulated by specialists with years of industry experience to be the best.  From the first rinse to the last wipe, this kit is all inclusive. Our shampoo lifts dirt and grime and the carnauba wax will protect from UV rays while adding a glossy showroom shine. Make the tires look new using tire shine.


Microfiber towels and pads, sponges, a wash mitt and patented rubber grip applicators allow you to get the job done right.  Take care of your paint, wheels, interior, exterior, trim, chrome, glass, and more with our best in class products designed for enthusiasts by professionals.


The trim restorer will take faded black rubber and plastic back to showroom levels of depth, ensuring that your car looks its best. No one wants to ride around in a dirty car, no matter how great it looks on the outside.

TriNova's interior detailer is formulated with anti-static compounds to ensure that dust and debris don't cling to your interior surfaces.  We also added UV protection so that your dash, seats, and steering wheel are protected from the sun.

Rinse off the dirt with our premium Car Wash Concentrate, making sure your car is squeaky-clean.

Then pull your chariot into the garage to apply a fresh coat of wax. In addition to a glossy shine, you'll be protected from UV rays and road contaminants.

Everything you need  for your you car, to look like brand new.  This makes the perfect gift for anyone under the tree.


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