The one thing that we hated about when we lived in Jersey was the massive amount of potholes. They would destroy someone's car in a matter of seconds. They were not just small they were some big pits, and they damaged our car more than we would have liked.

When you have driven over a good size pothole it's always a good thing, to have your vehicle checked for any severe damage, have your shocks and struts checked to be on the safe side. That's what controls and handles your vehicle and we don't, want to be driving if those are damaged.  Your best struts control your springs and suspension, they are what keep your tires in contact with the road  Your Springs help to absorb all the bumps, so without them, you will be bouncing down the road, making it and extremely difficult.

When these are damaged this will affect steering stability, and braking.  A broken shock or strut can make for some  very bad driving dangers.

How will you know if there's something wrong here are some signs:

Your vehicle rolls or sways when it turns

You bottom out when you hit a bump

You notice it's lower in the front then the back

You notice that the car is leaking fluids

These are only a few there are other things you can look for and see if there is some severe damage.  There are many things that can affect your vehicles handling. If you notice any of these signs you need to get your car looked at.  The more you leave it and not get it fixed the worse it can get.  If you think it's a worn strut or a broken shock take it in.  You don't want to put your life or others in danger.

This should be taken care of right away, your car will  always benefit from always  taken in your car in for a regular maintenance and repair. Keeps you and your car safe.  The biggest difference from living down South then up North are the potholes, there are some but not like up there.

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