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Keeping Your Family And Internet Safe

When it comes to safety, we are always looking for the best ways to keep them all safe. Especially when we are on the internet, and more the gatekeeper, is the best way to do this. The gatekeeper has three types, and we have the Halberd. this one is great to use at home,

This is convenient and an easy tool to use to access and secure all of your devices and tools they all hole, From your computers and all the phones.  Great at helping to reduce any and all, risks if anyone deploying all of your stuff safe,  With the campaigns for your smartphones, this new generation of Gatekeepers makes all the solutions, for securing your data across all your devices simple and easy.

Key features:
Automatically lock your computer when you walk away
Multiple login options including
Auto-Unlock, Touch-to-Unlock, and 2-Factor Authentication
Custom lock range setting
Patented ranging algorithm
Fast and easy registration


The Gatekeeper also has a Wireless Key, this one is just as good you can take it with you anyplace, Powerful Bluetooth 4.0 wireless key intelligently adapts to your daily routine to log you in when you walk up, and out when you walk away. The main feature of this gadget is that the computer locks automatically once you leave it and unlocks as soon as you come back. It uses the Bluetooth 4.0 and the lock/unlock distance can be adjusted within the range of 30 feet or 10 meters.

The Gatekeeper network security device monitors your proximity and automatically locks your computer each time your leave your desk and unlocks when you return, making constantly locking and entering passwords a thing of the past, makes saving your passwords so easy. 

Ideal for protecting sensitive data in commercial businesses, government, IT networks, healthcare industries requiring HIPAA compliance, and everyday personal computer use  2 IN 1 DEVICE: Gatekeeper is both an information security and track/locate device, no more wasted time looking for lost or misplaced keys when Gatekeeper is also attached to the keyring, easily locate your Gatekeeper fob with Android and iPhones via our track/locate app available on Google PlayStore and the Apple App Market


Easy Setup: Simple USB design for easy setup and to ensure your information is secured and to ensure there are no cybersecurity leaks, Gatekeeper, the most convenient, it security, network security, information security system for your Mac or Windows computers


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