Our rabbits are as much as a part of the family, like all the other animals. They are just as spoiled as everyone else.  We love being able to find some great, new and exciting things for them. Recently we were able to try a new hay, Oxbow Alfalfa Hay Dry and they seemed to love it as much as the regular one we have tried.


Being able to feed them something that is not only good for them, its high in fiber and protein and has calcium to keep them nice and strong and healthy, but this is also good for you smaller pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas.

What is great about this hay is its actually great for them and their teeth helps with keeping them nice and trim. This makes a great treat for healthy adults, should only be given in pinches and not a lot at a time.


Key Benefits

  • Alfalfa Hay is a high-fiber legume forage hay that is sometimes called the “Queen of Forages”. Alfalfa Hay is legume hay and the protein, calcium and energy content are higher than in grass hay.
  • Oxbow's Alfalfa Hay is an outstanding feed for young animals. It contains more crude protein, digestible energy, and calcium levels than any other forage.
  • Alfalfa provides the essential calcium necessary for growing bones.
  • Alfalfa is also a source of important minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, zinc and selenium.
  • Due to its succulent taste, Oxbow's Alfalfa Hay can be used as an appetite stimulant when an animal is ill or for post-surgical pets.

Making this great for pets that are 6 months or younger, and is great for nursing moms. This will help to stimulate their appetites and put some weight on them. Watching our rabbits enjoy this is great, we give them a little mixed in with their other hay, so they get both.

What's even better is all I need to do is head to chewy and order all their needs, they now have smaller pets too.



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