Summertime brings a whole host of mess to the car, and the mess-making won’t let up as the new school semester starts and it’s back to morning and afternoon drop-off and pick-up. For some, keeping on top of the car cleaning during school time is quite a challenge. If you follow our advice below, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the chaos and maintain order in your family car. Below you’ll see tasks divided into daily, weekly and monthly.

Daily jobs:

  • Empty the trash – pick up any visible trash items that you see when you get out of the car for the last time each day. Get the kids to help!
  • Get to spills or stains – you can’t afford to wait on a spill or stain. Leave it too long and it’ll become a permanent feature. Use Clorox wipes or something similar to get it wiped up.
  • Tidy up – put back any items taken from the glove box or other compartments for use that day to help keep storage neat and tidy.


Weekly jobs:

  • Basic wash – whether you do it yourself or at a local car wash, a basic weekly wash is necessary if you don’t want to show up at school in a car that looks like it was just dragged through a forest or a mud pile.
  • Vacuum the inside – you’ve picked out the visible garbage each day, but over the course of a week, the dust and smaller garbage items get lost in the darker corners of your car. Get the vacuum and use its attachments to get at dust wherever it hides.
  • Cup holders – it’s among the most frequently used but also frequently neglected parts of the car interior. The cup holders need a special clean each week.


Monthly jobs:

  • Clean and dress the tires – remember to wipe away excess fluid from the tread because if you don’t and you set off driving, it can get thrown up onto the paint.
  • Clean the glass – use ammonia-free products if you have tinted glass, but give the glass interior and exterior a thorough and particular going over each month to get the finish that a standard wash just can’t achieve.


Now, here’s the best part, if you have kids and want to get the car cleaned up and teach the kids responsibility at the same time, guess what? You can! Involve the kids in your cleaning schedule as much as you can. It can be a bonding experience, as well as a valuable lesson.


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