It is a hard fact to accept, but car accidents happen all the time. Sometimes, they aren’t anyone's fault, but other times, they can be avoided. Driving should not be taken lightly;  when sitting behind the wheel, you should be concerned for your and other people’s safety at all times. That is why there are numerous traffic laws in place for motorists to follow, to avoid risking anybody’s safety on the road. By following these safety rules, not only will you increase your chances of avoiding road accidents, but you will also be more likely to arrive where you want faster, without any trouble. To help you stay safe on the road, here are some simple yet effective tips.


Focus Only on the Road

Road accidents often happen in a split second when you least expect them to and, most of the time, they are caused by drivers being distracted. Being distracted on the road in any way can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. Virginia’s personal injury lawyers often deal with cases of road accidents that could have been easily avoided had the driver been paying attention to the road. If you click here, you will see that many of the personal injury cases in Roanoke and across Virginia are a result of car accidents caused by distracted driving. Distractions can be anything, from looking at your phone or changing the radio channel to having a distracting company in your vehicle or even being lost in thought. Whatever you do, make sure your eyes and mind are both on the road. 

Ten and Two are Good for You

Most student drivers will have heard that saying, “Ten and two are good for you,” and it is absolutely true. By keeping both your hands on the steering wheel at the ten and two positions, you will have maximum control over your car at all times. Road accidents sometimes happen when the driver is surprised by something on the road that they fail to avoid because they kept only one hand on the wheel, or none at all, thinking the road was clear. To avoid such surprises and ensure your safety, keep both your hands on the steering wheel at all times.

Keep an Eye on Traffic Lights

Many road accidents happen as a result of people skipping traffic lights on purpose, thinking that crossing at the last possible second will not be a big deal. To avoid such collisions, you should always keep an eye on the traffic lights and make sure you never skip or run a red light, regardless of how much of a hurry you’re in. Try to also slow down and be extra careful around traffic lights, just in case other drivers are being reckless and running red lights. 


Avoid Tailgating

Among the most common causes of road accidents is having little or no time to press the brakes, so you end up hitting the vehicle in front of you as a result of tailgating. To avoid those kinds of unnecessary collisions, try to avoid tailgating other vehicles and make sure you leave a safe distance between your car and other cars so that you have some time to press the brakes in case of an emergency. 

Slow Your Way Into Traffic

Some drivers may think driving in traffic reduces the risk of being involved in a road accident, but that’s typically not the case. Traffic usually sparks more road collisions as people drive with more frustration and impulsivity rather than driving safely and wisely. To avoid collisions while in traffic, pay attention to everything happening around you to ensure that you are mindful of your blindspots and are acting appropriately and safely on the road. Vehicles could be coming out on every side, trying to make their way out, so it is important that you are extra careful and mindful of your surroundings. 


Road accidents are pretty common and are often a result of human error. The only thing motorists can do to avoid being involved in a car accident is to be completely focused on the road and follow all the traffic laws. Distracted drivers risk their own safety and the safety of others, so make sure you are always keeping a keen eye on the road and avoiding any distractions. Your actions behind the wheel will affect you as well as other drivers and passengers around you, so stay vigilant and avoid speeding no matter how much you think you are in control, and remember, safety always comes first.


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