My sister does a lot of cooking and there is always something leftover and we have been on the hunt for some great containers, Glass Food Storage Containers Set is the perfect bunch of containers, perfect sizes for those times when you need a container. 


This set comes with 10 glass dishes and 10 matching lids. The various sizes provide plenty of options that are perfect for storing leftovers, meal prep, lunches, picnics, and other food storage occasions. We love them and have been using them since we got them.

Oven safe up to 750F and safe to use in the microwave! It's time to stop worrying and throw out your old stained containers! **Our lids are safe to use on the top rack only in the dishwasher. Only the glass dishes are safe for the microwave and we do not recommend microwaving the lids.

The Vallo glass food storage containers with locking lids offer the perfect solution with a secure snap lid design that is easy to open and close. They will not leak and lock down snug to keep air out, which is great because you can store liquids and keep your food fresh longer!

100% BPA FREE FOOD GRADE MATERIAL – Worried about your old containers being unsafe? Never expose you or your loved ones to harmful chemicals ever again, and feel confident knowing that the Vallo glass containers have no harmful chemicals that could leech into your food. They are 100% BPA Free, Lead Free, & Phthalates Free

Get rid of the avalanche of containers every time you open your cabinet! These glass containers are made to nest inside each other and save crucial space when not in use. They will be great for saving room in every kitchen, or simply making room for more containers.

The containers themselves are really beautiful. The glass is sturdy and the lids fit well without any problem at all. They have a nice click to them so I know they're snapped on securely, making this something you can take your lunch in and not worry about leakages. The lids snap on easily and securely, and I don't have problems with them like I have had with other brands. It's also very convenient that I can just put them in the dishwasher for easy cleanup


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