When it comes to me keeping all my gadgets charged , there's always one that has to wait its turn, when I was looking for something different to use I found the perfect thing at Accell, they have so many things you can use and charge your gadgets with.

Accell Power Air – Surge Protector and USB Charging Station


  • Six Adapter-Friendly Outlets
  • 2 USB Charging Ports (Total Output: 5V 2.4A)
  • 6ft (1.8m) Power Cord
  • Skid & Scratch Resistant Base
  • On/Off Power Button
  • Green LED Power Indicator
  • 1080 Joules Surge Protection
  • Blue LED Surge Protection Indicator
  • 15 Amp Circuit Breaker


Powramid® Power Center and USB Charging Station

Its adapter friendly design is perfect for placement on top of a desk or a conference room table, providing easy access to multiple power outlets. The dual USB charging ports provide 2.1A charging for power hungry USB powered devices such as mobile phones, tablets or portable music players

Accell Power Cutie – Compact surge protector with 3 surge-protected outlets and 4 USB charging ports


The Power Cutie features advanced X3 MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) technology that provides the safest surge protection by detecting surge conditions and reacts by directing excess energy away from equipment through the electrical grounding system. The MOV's are encased in a fireproof material, fully containing the heat created by the power surge and eliminating the threat of fire. This advanced X3 MOV technology fully protects connected equipment from hazard during an abnormal or catastrophic surge event and provides longer protection lifespan than regular MO

Accell Power – 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charger

1 cable for 3 of your daily gadgets, charging your smartphone, Apple watch and Airpods simultaneously in a slim stylish dock, providing easy cable management and ease of use. This is the best and I have been using it, I love that I can charge all of my apple products together and they get a full charge fast. There is no reason to have a mess of cords when this can do it.

The double coil design allows users to place their phones in different orientation for easy charging. Stream and charge simultaneously – Place your phone on its side (landscape) or upright (portrait) and let the double coil charger keep you powered while viewing.

Anyone of these and the many more they have is great and saves on all the waiting to plug something in, I love that there are so many different products and they are all useful to me, and my family.

Head over and get your plugging needs from Accell and see why we love them.

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