When it comes to the animals we are always, watching them as they get older. We have 4 bigger dogs and all are starting to show their ages. Lady is 8 and part pit/Sheppard, Maggie is 8 and is a husky/Sheppard and something else mix, Kia is a pure Sheppard and Dakota is a black lab. As they age, they develop hip issues, and now that my sisters older dogs are having, some issues shes on it now before it gets worse.


She has been giving the older two Green Coast Pet Hemp + Superblend Hip Joint for Dogs, and it's been helping them to get around more and better. They love the chicken flavor and she is more than happy to give it to them, with all the benefits they have. 

She likes that they are soft chews, and have active ingredients in them These also contain 600 mg of active ingredients per chew for maximum benefits. In addition to our proprietary hemp blend and the benefits of hemp, we have included turmeric, boswellia errata and green-lipped mussel to support hip/joint function and normal inflammatory response.

Comes in all kinds of different flavors, so there is one that will have your dogs wanting more.  Keeping our dogs healthy and happy is our main concern.


Not to worry they also have some great tasting cat treats, as our cats get older they to need something to keep them happy and healthy. Whitefish flavor is as packed with all the benefits as the dogs.  These chews are soft for easy chewing and cold-extruded meaning that the active ingredients are in their raw format and are not cooked and degraded by being subjected to heat.

These also contain 100mg of our proprietary hemp blend including 1.5 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per chew to ensure your cat can take advantage of the benefits of hemp.


Keeping your pets healthy and happy is the main things that matter, making sure they are able to move around without pain is the most important.


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