When it comes to all of our pet we try and feed them something, we know is good for them as well as healthy. Our rabbits are just like one of the family, and they are if not as spoiled as the rest of the pets.

Carefresh Complete Menu Rabbit Food is the one we depend on to give them all they need in a food and more. We add it to their, pellets as a special treat. Carefresh Complete Menu Rabbit Food gives your rabbit a specially formulated, nutritionally complete diet. A fortified and enriched diet with a variety of seeds, essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants that encourage natural foraging behaviors and help your pet live a long, healthy life. A wholesome, balanced diet for a long, healthy life.


It's not just pellets it contains hay, grasses, oats, soybeans, barley, flaxseed, and pieces of dried carrots, corn, peas. Variety of natural ingredients for rabbits, textures and good flavors – Encourages foraging and healthy eating.

Our rabbits are healthy and big, they know when its feeding time they come right up, and stand on their back legs till we place their food down, have to be fast with them they will take a finger. We raised them since they were born, so they know us and our voices.

Being a big part of our pet supplies is Chewy, I love that I can just get on the computer when we are low and order and its here in 2 days. Everything we need for the bigger pets and the smaller ones. They have a wide variety of things we can use, from bird food to cat and dog food.

Everything you need in one place, no more having to shop here and there. They even have dog diapers, that we need for our little guy, he's doing great in training, but he does have accidents  from time to time,


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