We love to go to the beach, and if your like us we have so much with us, money, keys, and more keeping them safe and well-hidden becomes a job. But not with a Bindle Bottle this bottle not only keeps your drink, but it also has a hidden compartment so you can hide the things you need too.





No more heavy pockets, they will be lighter with the bottle, your now able to bring essentials on everyday adventures and more. The days of awkward backpacks, cluttered purses, and cramming random sh*t in your back pocket are over. Now everything you need is in one secure place.

Hydrate on top and store on the bottom who can ask for anything better, the compartment is waterproof making it great to stash your ID and keys and of course your cash, and any snack you want for later. They make sure your always hydrated and organized and everything is very discreet,

To the bold backpackers, carefree yogis, active parents, or frankly, anyone who likes to move—we got you. We intentionally created our daily essentials for life on the go. Each bottle is built with lightweight yet durable stainless steel and features up to 24 oz. of vacuum-insulated liquid storage, so you’re ready to take on any adventure that life brings you.

This is the best bottle, I love that its lightweight so carrying it with me is simple, I hide my stuff in it and no one is wiser. Been using this since I got it, I take it with me everywhere, and the water stays nice and cold while protecting my things.

2-in-1 bottles are made for you to bring along anywhere, whether you’re working out or just running around town. Even doing errands take this with you, and know that your stuff is safe, I no longer carry my purse I use this and put all I need in it. The perfect bottle as a gift and seeing Father's Day is coming, this is the perfect gift.


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