Are you like me and have to replace your phone cord, all the time. There has to be a better solution for this and I have found it with Nice By Design, they have taken me into the new world. They are the makers of the Goldie and Nibbler cable keepers.

Both of these cable keepers will make your life so much easier, if your a traveler like we are . Having to take all the wires to all the things we own, can become very unorganized. Well with these cute and helpful wire keepers, you will not have to worry about wires being tangled or kinked any more.

CableKeeps give your dull white transformer some personality and added utility. They secure your USB docking cable to Apple power adaptors used with iPads, iPhones, & iPods so cable & charger stay together. The intuitive design will keep your cables tangle free when shoved in a bag, pocket, or purse and can shorten and organize when plugged into the wall. Goldie features a secondary function as a charging pedestal for iPhones & iPods.

These have been a much-needed accessories for us, keeping all of our wires in a place where they are not getting tangled, and fit great in my piurse so I can get them easy. More flexible than I expected, and the little teeth on the fish are a nice detail.


After you choose the color you want, you just wait for it and put the charger in the keeper, and keep it charged all the time. It will stay on as you plug the charger back in the wall and keep the cord wrapped and off of the ground.Its great for holding my Ipod. We love this and are very happy with it. They are perfect for travel, gifts, home and office! With those family members with multiple devices in the home, you can choose different colors and know where yours is at, at all times.  CableKeeps come in 3 designs and 6 colors – Goldie for iPhone, Nibbles for iPad, and Gulp for iPad international. 

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