Every woman wants to relax and have a relaxing night, after a long day. I know I love a relaxing bath before I go to bed and the sleeping beauty box is the thing that can help you achieve that, This is a box of relaxing lavender products, that allows a restorative night's sleep.

Each box contains a 4oz Lavender Bath Salts, 4oz Cocoa Shea Body Butter, Lavender Pillow Sachet, and a QR code to a personalized Lavender Meadow Playlist. This makes my skin feel so soft and smooth.

This box will help the tired momma have a relaxing night. Relaxes your body and comfort your mind using your senses. The body's sense of smell, sound, and sight, the scent is amazing, and it doesn't have a baring smell, like some things we get, and the smell is pleasant, not like some we get and we can't handle the scent.

I want to help mothers feel beautiful even through those difficult stages of motherhood. That’s why I created skincare that is effective and safe to use during pregnancy and while nursing.

After having my son, postpartum was filled with skin woes. Cracked nipples and overall dull skin due to stress and lack of sleep.

Many of the products recommended to me were not safe for pregnancy. The ones that were safe had synthetic fillers that did nothing to really improve my skin., This will help make a mama feel so good and relaxed.

About Lavender Meadows Co.

Lavender Meadows Co. is a skincare line created for mothers. Since its launch in 2020, Lavender Meadows Co. has been dedicated to creating natural skincare remedies that counteracts the hormones, stress and lack of sleep mothers experience. As the #1 best-seller on Etsy for postpartum care boxes, Lavender Meadows Co. has perfected their formula using the maternal traits found in fruits, flowers, and seeds to help any mother feel beautiful in her own skin. To learn more about Lavender Meadow Co. please visit www.lavendermeadowsco.com or follow us on instagram.  

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