Kestrel DROP

“While parents complain that kids are addicted to technology and they don’t play outside enough. This tech gadget gift will send little budding meteorologists off the couch and into nature to explore and learn! 

Trusted by meteorologists, military personnel and firefighters worldwide for its tough quality and highly accurate readings, these pocket-sized weather instruments instantly provide a complete, reliable snapshot of environmental conditions − right where you are.  And it is kid-friendly and kid-proof, all Kestrel meters are waterproof, dust (or mud) proof, drop tested to Military standards and come with a 5-year warranty. While being compact enough to be the coolest stocking stuffer this year, the Kestrel Meter is packed with enough environmental measuring capabilities that will make the outdoor lover in your life light up like a Christmas tree.”

Kestrel DROP

Kestrel DROP D2

Kestrel DROP

While this is a wireless temperature and humidity monitor and data logger. Because it is the easiest way to monitor and track temperature, humidity, heat index. And dew point in almost any environment – wet or dry, indoors or out.

And did you know, DROP loggers meet military and international standards for water, dust and shock resistance. I love that they are  conveniently equipped with a sturdy D-ring. Which is perfect for hanging anywhere you may need it. Because it doesn't have any of the wires and complicated setup it is great for anyone. The novice the the “professional”.

Kestrel DROP

Real-Time Alerts

And you can adjust the DROP's logging interval and set up real-time threshold alerts. Did you know that the readings can be updated as frequently as every 2 seconds. Because logging time and date are automatically updated whenever connected to your smart device. And you can also send and share real-time and logged environmental data via email, facebook or twitter.

“A few key features of the Kestrel 5500 Weather Station:
• And Measures wind speed, temperature, humidity, pressure and direction
• 14 total meteorological parameters measured, calculated and displayed real-time. And stored in memory, including advanced meteorological measurements such as dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature and density altitude
• While offering Optional LiNK connectivity powered by Bluetooth® low energy provides wireless communication to mobile devices and computers
• And Made in the USA”

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