Currently the Keto Diet is trending and we are just loving this healthy way of life. Although some may find the intermittent fasting a tad challenging, there are reasons why you should hanging in there and distract your mind from your stomach. If you are on the Keto Diet we have a few healthy tips to get you through those gruelling hours and improve, not only your health, but your way of life. Want to learn more? Here is a simplistic breakdown of healthy tips you can easily remember to get you through your Keto Diet. Also, check Vaxxenlabs for more articles about the keto diet

Discovering Healthy Low Carbs

Figuring out your eating plan and your dietary preferences can be challenging, but if you make it a fun and informative task, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you stumble upon. Healthy recipes involving low carbs and high proteins is the way to go and you can spice your meals up by adding extravagant foods into your menu, ones you have never tried before.

Drinking Water During Ketosis

When your body enters into a Ketosis state it begins to use your own fat as a source of energy rather than glucose which is taken in when we eat. This stage usually begins when you feel that overwhelming sense of hunger, the one where you can hear your stomach begin to rumble. This is when you reach for your water bottle rather than a slice of bread or even a protein shake. Avoid everything and anything during your hunger phase.

The Elimination of Diary

Possibly one of the hardest sacrifices for anyone trying or beginning the Keto diet is the elimination of diary during the diet. No milk in coffee, no yoghurt, no cheese and no ice cream. The toughest of all is for the caffeine addicts as they are required to drink black coffee and no milk, but just remember, it becomes easier and the sacrifice is an essential one. A helping tip, if you drink your black coffee in the morning you must brush your teeth directly after. The caffeine has a tendency to stain your teeth in its full capacity.

Joining Keto Intermitting Fasting Groups

Many diets confuse the consumer and many also believe a bunch of confused people utilize platforms regarding the same diets. This is significantly incorrect as there are professional guides whose sole purpose as admin is to help those on paid for platforms. If you choose to use a free application or you use Facebook as an information hub, be sure to cross reference your material before following through as these stations are always the most reliable.

Remember to distract yourself when the hunger kicks in and you begin craving those carbs. Breads, cakes and tea time treats aren’t always worth the weeks of sacrifice, unless you love tea time and love your body just the way it is!

Wanting to distract your mind? Check out these various roulette games and maybe burn an extra few calories without the need of a treadmill or a power nap. Try out other fun ways to distract your mind and get into the swing of a healthier and fitter lifestyle.


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