Key Benefits of Call Forwarding for Business

It may not be obvious to some, but for most entrepreneurs and enterprise owners, call forwarding is an essential element that has a great contribution to the success of every company. Many giant telephone companies have this kind of offer to enhance business phone strategies.


What is Call Forwarding?

As the term goes, this type of service forwards incoming calls to the assigned number. The cloud-based system is such a great technology that makes it possible to forward calls to the chosen extensions so you can effectively and efficiently deal with inbound calls.

In this service, it enhanced the capability to connect with your clients or without the long waiting to be answered in a queue. Psychologically speaking, customers will perceive you and your company as an efficient and better choice among your competitors. In short, you already have the edge over others.


Key Benefits of Call Forwarding for your Business


Now, let’s discuss the advantages of activating a call forwarding service to your communication system.

  • Best interactions with your customers – there is no doubt that voice call is the number one choice of customers to reach a particular business. And to fully gain their trust, you have to be certain that client satisfaction prevails among others.

Call forwarding allows you to assign the client’s call to the appropriate agent or department to address the concern properly. This should happen without any delay so as not to irritate the caller. By providing proper resolution promptly, you can be sure that trust and a good impression can be achieved from your clients.

  • Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – being available to address customers’ queries any time of the day is one of the biggest factors that give a positive impact on any enterprise. The ability to answer a client’s call regardless of time is a determining aspect if you’re serious about establishing authority in your business.

That is why it is a very indispensable tool when it comes to customer service and support. No matter who answers the call, the important thing is that there is someone to attend the call and is within reach whenever needed.

  • Increases employees’ presence – related to availability, having an available employee to answer incoming calls immediately can provide the need or assistance they want without delay. Setting up a series of phone numbers to ensure that all calls could be attended to promptly is one of the most effective strategies to avoid unattended calls that may cause losses of clients.

Remember that you are establishing a business presence and the image that you would want to represent should be in line with your objective, to be customer-friendly. So, if you already have a business phone number where your clientele can call you, then activating the call forwarding feature is a tremendous benefit. You can travel any time without worrying about the client’s connection.

  • Voicemail – before, calls not attended can be retrieved through voicemail. Although you still have the opportunity to know your client’s concern, chances are, your clients are starting to get irritated since no one from your end has picked up the phone and give them the resolution they want. And it is too dangerous once customers started to feel that way because there is a great chance that they would look for another option.

Call forwarding eliminates this kind of scenario since you are reachable enough any time of the day, though callers can still leave their messages to receive a callback. By doing this way, you can be sure that your clients will stick around with you because of the value that you are showing them.


  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – so what is this thing called Interactive Voice Response or IVR for short? You may have already encountered an IVR before. It is the automated voice response that answers your call initially before talking to a human operator. With this type of technology, it reduces the need for human intervention since it allows the callers themselves to navigate a particular phone system at first. Hence, no wasted time and direct to the concern of the caller.

IVR technology (see at, depending on your preset arrangement allows your callers to identify their purpose and rerouting their calls to the appropriate staff or department. You’ve might already encounter a series of menus being offered before such as “Press 1 for product information, press 2 for Billing Department, or press 3 to talk to a customer representative, and so on. 

  • Mobile-friendly feature – call forwarding, as said earlier, is one of the best technologies ever created in the history of communication service. It is true particularly for those entrepreneurs that run small businesses but wanted to expand their trade across the globe. Maintaining a customer relation through mobile phones is possible with call forwarding since you can redirect the calls to your mobile phone or your employees’ phones. Either way, you have the assurance that all incoming calls are addressed properly and without delay.
  • One number, multiple mobile phones – whether you have a softphone in your office, two mobile phones in your house, and multiple landlines scattered in multiple locations, you can bring them all together and use them for your call forwarding feature.

It means that you can provide your customers with a single business phone number and still, calls can be forwarded to any available phones and landlines that you may have.

  • Enhance your business presence locally and internationally – your business should not be confined to a single location. Rather it should be introduced to the international market if you want to expand massively.

With this feature, the business image that you want to project is now available to anyone interested in your product or service, anywhere in the world. There is no limit on where and who can see your business since integrating call forwarding service to your communication system allows anyone to reach you without the cost of long-distance charges. Your clients or prospects will have the ease of dialing your number in their respective area code, and the call can still be received through.

Final Words

Regardless of how you want to configure it, call forwarding is an essential tool for every entrepreneur and business owner as well. The fact that a virtual answering machine is activated on your behalf is a tremendous advantage.

If you want to gain more insight on how this amazing feature can be obtained, visit Telnum to get up-to-date information about call forwarding and how your business can get the most out of it. Telnum is one of the most trusted telephony service providers in the market today. We help you establish your local and international presence at a very affordable price.

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