Raising a family is never easy, and even more when you are working hard to keep everyone healthy. Naturally, thanks to the medical progress nowadays most common illnesses that used to be deadly in the past can be easily healed. If you are keen to maintain good health throughout your family, it’s important to understand that some of the household chemicals and house materials that you use daily might also be a source of risk. Take a look at some of the most common ones.


You Have Bought An Old House That Needs Checking

You will have found a vast variety of exciting houses when you were looking for your new home. You need to be aware that old homes often used materials that might have now been banned from residential buildings. If you live in an old house that has not been renovated in structure, you will need to call an expert to check for the presence of lead paint and plumbing, and asbestos. Lead paint was common in over 90% of the houses built in the 1940s and continued to be the primary type of paint until it was forbidden in 1978. Lead poisoning can occur when the old paint is scraped and released particles in the air, therefore in the case of doubt, it is essential to work with an expert. Asbestos was banned only in 1989, and you will need to appoint a specialist for the abatement of the material.


Lead paint flaking


You Need To Pay Attention To Those Harmful Household Products  

An increasing number of families is looking for organic alternatives to their favorite cleaners, detergents and paint removers, air fresheners, etc. With health issues going from respiratory troubles to cancer, you cannot ignore hazardous products any longer. Air fresheners, which seem harmless, can damage your sense of smell and create asthma attacks. In short, if you want your house to smell good, you should turn to natural products, such as plants! Most products involving detergent or paint and lack remover contain benzene, which is a cancerous constituent of gasoline that is linked to leukemia cases. If you are facing issues related to this chemical, you will need the help of specialists for cases involving benzene. Additionally, cases of child poisoning are still very frequent as young children tend to mistake the friendly shape of laundry cleaners for a delicious candy. Consequently, it is often recommended to use organic products with small children, and, of course, to keep chemical products locked away.

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Old Structures Can Put Your Health At Risk

Old houses present additional risks to your health if the materials used is dated and does not serve its primary purpose any longer. The most common problem areas can be found around the windows and in the electrical wiring. Old windows will have a tendency to insulate less; therefore the heat goes out, and the cold air comes in. Not only does this mean that your house will be difficult to heat in winter, but this can also facilitate the apparition of mould. Additionally, old wiring can become dangerous when the insulation begins to crumble with age. This can go from a powerless house from electrical explosions. Consequently, if you suspect the presence of old wiring in your house, it is recommended to call an electrician to put the right protection in place.


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