Key Norway cruise tips

When it comes to cruising, you should not overlook a Norway cruise. You should note that Norway has a lot of cultural appeal and beautiful scenery, making it one of the best cruise destinations. The Norwegian fjords which are along the west coast of the country are considered to be the star of any cruise. You can see awe-inspiring waterfalls going down the mountains and cliff sides. 

Even better, there are great hiking and kayaking trips, especially when you are closer to shore. For adrenaline pumping enthusiasts, you can view the polar bears. Remember that Norway's amazing cruise ports are something you don’t want to miss. This article explains the key Norway cruise tips.  

The right time for a Norway cruise

The best time to have a Norway cruise is from June to August, though voyages can sometimes start in May to September. In most cases, Norway weather is ideal in the summer months because temperatures are warm or even hot.

Take note that the average daytime temperatures can reach between 60s and 70s. The rain at this time can be less frequent than other months like in the wet winter months. This doesn’t mean that you may not get wet because Norway is a damp place even during the summertime. The northern extremes of the country tend to have the midnight sun that you can see when you cross the Arctic Circle in the summer months. 

In May and September, the weather in Norway can be a little rainier and chillier. You can find a couple of lines that offer some later fall or earlier spring cruises. These off-season cruises can be the suitable time to have a Northern Lights cruise. This phenomenon is usually most visible from April to September.

Norway cruise tips

The good news is that you don’t need to spend a lot of cash on big meals in Norway because the country has unique foods. There are several fish markets in most ports that sell fish and other foods. For example, you can decide to eat whale, reindeer, and elk, which the vendors sell. Alternatively, you can find a cafe that serves Norwegian waffles and jam that are made from local berries or even sample the caramel-flavored brown cheese from goat. 

Norway is a great place for outdoor activities, such as biking, kayaking, and hiking. But rain can be an unavoidable thing even during the dry summer period. Therefore, you should always have a good backup plan when it comes to onshore activities as well as chore excursions in case there is inclement weather. You can decide to participate in these activities when there is sun. But when it’s raining, you can simply push an activity to a later day. Sometimes, you can have a rainy morning but can turn sunny later. Besides, make sure that you take with you an umbrella and rain jacket.

Lastly, Norway is family friendly and has plenty of outdoor play structures. There are kid areas in shopping avenues and museums. Train rides, interesting parks, and aquariums are all appealing for children.

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