Kick start the new year with an amazing home gym setup

January is the perfect time to think about your fitness. After a busy and intense few festive months, many people find January to be the perfect time for a re-set. If you are looking to get the gym experience from the comfort of your own home, we have a few top tips to help you create something amazing. 

Flooring first

You might not think it, but flooring is actually one of the most essential parts of any successful home gym setups. Investing in good flooring such as rubber mats will ensure that your property doesn’t suffer any damage from heavy equipment being used. Whether your home gym is based inside of your house or in an outbuilding, ensuring that you have an excellent flooring choice is essential. 

Rubber mats can ensure that when heavy machinery moves around, your floorboards don’t bear the brunt of the excess movement and weight. Rubber flooring also helps to reduce the effects of impact and makes a safe and soft flooring choice to prevent slips and falls. 

Style and aesthetics

There’s nothing better than visiting a commercial gym that has paid attention to the style and decor. An open plan layout and some modern accessories with a boho/scandinavian edge can create the perfect visual aesthetic to make us feel calm and relaxed. 

Think about the colours of paint that you use in your home gym. Opting for a bright and vibrant wall colour could instantly lift the mood, whilst keeping the walls bright white or neutral in colour can aid relaxation and clarity. 

Place some plants around your home gym area. Not only will these look great, they’ll actually help keep the air clear and humidity free. Plant them in eye-catching, oversized pots for the ultimate statement style. 

Temperature control

You may struggle to regulate the temperature of your home gym, especially if it is based in an annex or outside building. Try to find a heating system for both hot and cold conditions. Regulating a comfortable temperature will aid productivity and keep you from finishing a workout early due to being too hot or too cold. 

Must have home gym machines

Last, but of course not least, you’ll want to ensure that you have the best gym equipment to suit your workout requirements. Perhaps you want to invest in state of the art brands such as Peloton in order to give your gym that high-end look and feel? Or maybe you want to start off with the basics and build upon it over time? Either way, here are some top machines and gym essentials to look for: – 

Treadmill – this is a quick and easy way to burn calories. Hook up a TV to your wall if your treadmill doesn’t have a screen. This will allow you to walk or run whilst watching your favourite shows. Setting the incline high is a great way to burn calories quicker. 

Rowing machine – rowing machines are foldable for storage and can provide a great workout for your whole body. 

Weights and weights bench – these are ideal for those wanting to improve strength and muscle tone. Using these daily can help you reach your targets. 

Spin bike – spin bikes and some loud music can help to mimic that ‘spin class’ setting. Whilst it might not be as immersive and social as the real thing, having access to your spin bike from home makes it easier to hop on a ride any time you like!

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