Kids are Turds by Jenny Schoberl
Kids Are Turds - Parenting Is Funny Business-- Kids are Turds by Jenny Schoberl
Paperback: 204 pages
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing (April 5, 2016)
Language: English


Kids Are Turds – Parenting Is Funny Business

Parenting is no joke. It's not for the faint of heart. You gotta be one tough mother to wrangle those little demons you couldn't wait to welcome into this world. But, for all the trouble those little bird brains cause, I do have to say that the funniest stories I have in my witty banter repertoire always seem to center around some hilarious thing one of my children have done (even if it wasn't so funny at the time it actually happened).

Kids Are Turds: Brutally Honest Humor for the Pooped-Out Parent by Jenny Schoberl is a collection of stories about parenting that will have you giggling the whole way through the book. This wise-cracking read features stories involving everything scary, funny and disgusting about raising children from poo and pee to boogers and Mom spit to the terrifying things that come to mind when your children are actually quiet for a change. Quiet kids equals trouble, every time, am I right?

Being a Mom is like being perpetually educated. Kids school us every single day. Just when we think we've got this parenting thing down, they turn everything on its head and leave us reeling. Pick up a copy of Kids Are Turds today and have yourself a good laugh, and just hope some of the antics Jenny Schoberl describes within the pages don't ever happen to you! LOL

Kids are Turds by Jenny Schoberl



When do you know for sure that you’ve become a parent? For Jenny Schoberl, it wasn’t when a human fell out of her lady parts or the first time her baby said “Mama.” It was when she found herself, a grown woman, hiding in the bathroom to eat a candy bar, just so she didn’t have to share.

Parenthood changes people’s lives in horrifying and inevitable ways. No matter how hard you resist, you soon find yourself being that parent far too often to deny it. It won’t be long before mom jeans and minivans are calling your name.

Discussing bowel movements over dinner? Guilty. Peeing with an audience? Check. Grocery shopping alone? Sounds like a tropical vacation! Watching cartoons hours after the kids have gone to bed? Now your only hobby!

What do you do when motherhood turns you into someone you hardly recognize? When you open your mouth and, holy hell, your mother comes out?

Kids Are Turds proves that you don’t need to be Super-Mom to be a “good” mom (whatever that is), but you absolutely do need a sense of humor to get through the hard days. Either that, or you can give in, yank up your mom jeans, and rock a mile-long camel toe. So for the love of retinas everywhere, be strong!

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