This Kids Book Teaches Self-Love, Which Is Something We Should All Learn

The one thing I always wanted to teach my children was self-love and confidence.  It's easy when they're very little, but another story when they go off to school.  Being around other kids that possibly say mean things makes it a bit harder.  Of course, they also compare themselves to the other kids too.  No matter how hard you try, you'll run into a bully at one time or another.  This book isn't about bullies, it's about loving yourself, regardless of how you look.  Our inside counts for so much more than the outside!

Nugget's Haircut by Cathy Meo Bonnstetter is a wonderful little book that will explain that exact lesson to your children.  It talks about a cute dog named Nugget that has long, golden brown fur.  He's so used to his owner calling him handsome, but he thinks it's only because of his hair.  Thankfully, he learns that isn't so.

Self-Love Is So Important

As I said earlier, it's easy to get little ones to believe they're awesome at a very small age.  When they begin comparing themselves, you start to have some problems.  In the book, Nugget's Haircut, he has a best friend named Dot.  His owner is Hope and she takes very good care of them.  Dot helps him with everything, especially those things that he's a little self-conscious about.  She helps him find his ball and pats him on the back when he needs it.  Unfortunately, Nugget truly believes the only reason he is loved is because of his beautiful hair.

As the story goes on, he gets into a mud puddle and some thorns and needs to get groomed.  He isn't very happy when she cuts his luscious hair.  He goes home a broken puppy, but Dot and Hope teach him that he isn't loved for his hair.  He's loved for his beautiful heart!

Since the holidays are just around the corner, this would make a sweet gift for any child.  A story that teaches lessons is priceless and this one doesn't disappoint.

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