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When I was child, making a craft was one of my most favorite things to do! But, for me, crafting back then was pretty much limited to art class in school. Occasionally my grandmother would set me up with something crafty to do, and I remember those times very fondly and cherish them to this day (40+ years later). Do you ever yearn to have a fun afternoon full of doing crafts with your child? Nowadays, there are abundant craft tutorials on the Internet to give you ideas. However, they may not be age appropriate for your child or you may not have all the necessary supplies on hand. Well, look no further because Theresa Haddow has your back with the Create Kit.

Craft Create Kit

The Create Kit is a subscription crafting box for children of the ages 1 to 5 years old. Each month the kit has a theme and provides a development guide to help you understand what types of enrichment the kit provides for your child. And, what I truly appreciate is that Ms. Haddow tries to ensure that each kit comes with just about everything you'll need (she even provided me with glue).

The Create Kit I received was a monster theme and it came with 2 craft kits: 1) Funny Monster Craft Holders, and 2) Egg Carton Monster Puppets. The kits' directions were very easy to understand and follow. And, they came with everything you needed except for scissors, which I think most people have on hand. And, honestly, I think you could actually even get by without scissors. The craft holder kit even came with those Command™ strips so you can hang your finished craft securely on the wall!  I thought that was impressive—Ms. Haddow truly has thought everything out.

Craft Create Kit 2

The children, my 2-year-old and 11-year-old nephews, enjoyed doing the Create Kit crafts. Both crafts provided an entertaining, interactive afternoon for us all. I also really liked the Create Kit because it encourages creativity, letting you and your child create with your minds! The kits do so by providing direction, while also leaving the crafts open to your creative, personal touch.

Craft Create Kit 1

Although the kits are for young children (as mentioned above), the Create Kit website says the following:

“The Create Kit is made with ages 1-5 in mind. However, some Kits could contain choking hazards making them unsuitable for children under 3 (did you know that a glue stick is a choking hazard and how could I have a craft kit that doesn’t give you a glue stick? I CAN’T). I am transparent about the items you will receive in your Kit so please use your best judgement when crafting with your kids and look at the materials section of each Kit!”

The Create Kit would make such a great Christmas gift!! It would be a gift you and your child could enjoy throughout the entire year! The subscription plans come with the following options: monthly, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. Ms. Haddow even has the option to give the gift of a Create Kit box to a child in need!  I think that is so wonderful! Thank you, Ms. Haddow!! Happy holidays and happy crafting time!

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