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Kids Learning Social Equality

Kids Need To Learn About Important Subjects Like Social Equality

Now that we are in the year 2022 it's time to teach our kids about important subjects, such as social equality.  I know it can be scary to teach kids about certain issues or problems that we have in our world.  The crazy thing is that when we approach a “touchy” issue they're more likely to react positively.  Kids are usually open and aren't judgmental unless we mess that up by showing them how to be those things.  If you want a special way to teach kids about social justice and equality, Little Justice Leaders is the subscription box for you!  This box comes filled with amazing important information on so many issues our world has.  The one I just received is so beautiful because it's all about a transgender child named Aiden.  The book that is included blew me away by how they approach the subject.  Especially to kids.

Equality Is For Everyone

If you would like your child to be a strong, level-headed individual you need to teach them about their world.  The honest truth, but in a way that their age will understand and not fear.  That's what this subscription box does in a great way.  They approach these issues in an age-appropriate way so that they'll understand and be understanding.  I've received one other box from Little Justice Leaders, but I have to say this one is my favorite.  With this box they make it easier to talk to kids about issues with conversation starters, activities, and other fun stuff.  If you make learning fun and exciting they won't even know you're sneaking in a teaching moment.

What Exactly Do You Get

When your child receives their exciting box every month, they'll get a book, hands-on activities, activist art (so much fun), and great information for the adult.  This is important so that we can understand what is being taught before we approach it with our children.  You can order a Family Monthly Box that will give your family everything needed to bond and learn, oh…and have fun!  There's also a Teacher Monthly Box if you're interested in that.  You won't be sorry if you decide to purchase your own.

All About Transgender

The box I received is all about a transgender child named Aiden.  Well, he wasn't born as Aiden, he was born as a baby girl.  However, he never felt as if that was correct.  This beautiful book explains in a wonderful way the issues that transgender kids think about and problems that can arise.  The gorgeous illustrations and easy to understand writing is something your family will love.  It will start a much needed conversation and your kids will be that much more understanding when they come across the situation in society.

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